Angela F.

Angela had an idealistic childhood growing up on a Shetland pony, on her North Central Iowa family farm. Heavily influenced by the glory days of disco and hardcore punk/ alternative anthems in the 80’s, she decided to practice her art through the medium of hair and learning about the personalities of other people. Angela’s career as a modern thinking hairdresser reflects a level of reverence for the hair as spiritual material. Angela’s goal is to raise the profile of the professional hair industry and hopes to inspire the next generation of stylists to a level that surpasses her own accomplishments. Angela’s areas of expertise are long hair, particularly men, as well as any skin or taper fade. She also does blow outs and loves achieving that look with proper cut and natural styling/diffused drying. She prefers dry cutting and washing afterwards. She’s also comfortable with coloring services, as well as coloring correcting services and she can’t wait to meet you!