Hair Color for Men

Hair color for men

Transform your look with our hair coloring services. We offer several options to help you camouflage your gray and roll back the clock. With our clever blending technique, we can quickly and effectively reduce the appearance of gray in as little as 10 minutes.

For those looking for a more permanent change, we offer a range of hair coloring options that can transform your hair color to match your desired look. Our experienced colorists take the time to understand your preferences and recommend the best color and technique to achieve your desired result.

Transform Your Look With Expert Hair Coloring

Nowadays you will see that many people are trying to get the best hair coloring services. If you are trying to find a hair color salon near me then the 4:59 barber lounge is an amazing option for you. Get the best salon for hair color near me so that you can modernize your look and showcase your unique style to the world. At 4:59 barber lounge, we believe that your hair color helps to express yourself in a better way. Our team of hairstylists is dedicated to ensuring that you can perfect hair color for yourself which can enhance your personality and style.

Our Hair Color Services

If you are looking to transform your look with amazing hair colors then the 4:59 barber lounge can be the ideal place for you to get various hair color services near me. Now if you are trying to improve your natural hair color or want to get a new bold shade then don’t worry at all because we provide different types of hair coloring services. Book your appointment for hair color with our hair stylists now who use their years of experience to ensure that you can have your dream color for hair that perfectly matches your personality. Here you can explore some of the major hair color services that we provide to make sure you have healthy colorful hair.

1) Men's Color Camo

  • Men’s color camo is a specialized hair color service that can be perfect for you if you are trying to discreetly cover gray hair while maintaining a natural appearance.
  • Our colorists give you the best shades to choose from that closely match your natural hair color to ensure a perfect mix.
  • This can be perfect for you because it requires less frequent touch-ups to make it a convenient option for you in this busy lifestyle.

2) Men's Permanent Color

  • Men’s permanent color is a hair coloring service that provides long-lasting results by changing the natural color of your hair. You need to get regular touch-ups to maintain the color because as your hair grows it reveals your natural hair color.
  • Permanent color enters deep into the hair shaft so that color doesn’t fade. You can choose from a wide range of shades to achieve your desired color whether it is a natural look or bold transformation.

3) Men's Highlighting

  • This Men’s highlighting service is a hair coloring technique that adds lighter stands to your hair so that you can have an amazing look. Highlights help to create depth and texture in your hair so it can look more dynamic and fuller.
  • The colorist selects sections of your hair according to your needs to highlight based on your hair type to get your desired outcome.

4) Partial Perm

  • Partial Perm is a perming technique that focuses on specific sections of your hair. You can easily choose the specific areas where you want to add curls or waves to get a more personalized and natural look.
  • Since partial perm is only applied to selected areas, you don’t need to get regular maintenance compared to full perm.

5) Full Perm

  • Full perm is a service that you should choose from a 4:59 barber lounge as our hairstylists can add curls or waves to the entire head.
  • This service helps you to create consistent curls or waves throughout your hair so that you can get a bold and eye-catching transformation.

6) Beard Color Blend

  • Beard Color Blend is a service specially designed for facial hair. It is perfect for those who want to cover gray hair or enhance the color of their beard. You can select a shade that perfectly matches your natural beard color or the new color that you want for your desired look.
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Pride in Each Service

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At 4:59 Barberlounge, we believe in one thing: delivering quality haircuts and men’s grooming services for the discerning gentleman looking to stand out from the crowd.