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Scalp Treatment $30

Revitalize your scalp with our scalp treatment. Our specialized treatment is designed to improve circulation and promote a healthy scalp bed, which can help combat hair loss, dandruff, and other scalp-related issues.

Our barbers will use a combination of techniques and products to exfoliate your scalp and remove any buildup or impurities. This will not only improve circulation but also create a clean and healthy environment for your hair to grow.

Nourish and Strengthen Your Scalp

If you are trying to find a place for scalp treatment near me then you are at the right place. 4:59 is a perfect barber lounge for you to get different types of hair and scalp treatments. We have a team of skilled barbers who understand that a healthy scalp is the foundation of beautiful hair. That’s why we provide dry scalp treatments and scalp massage services that are designed to solve various concerns like dryness as well as flakiness to excess oil production and thin hair. You can also notice the improvement in the health of your scalp and the appearance of your hair.

Our Scalp Treatment Service

Everyone should invest in the beauty of their hair by prioritizing getting the best scalp treatment and seeing how it can make a difference in their routine life. Schedule your scalp treatment appointment at 4:59 barber lounge to get a healthier and radiant head of hair. We offer specialized scalp treatments designed to improve your scalp’s health to get vibrant and beautiful hair. Our experts are committed to providing personalized care customized according to your unique scalp needs. Here you can explore some of the hair and scalp treatment options to determine which scalp massage or treatment can be the perfect for you.

1) Scalp Hydration:

  • If you are suffering from dry scalp then get our dry scalp treatment to hydrate your scalp and get rid of itching as well as dandruff. At 4:59 barber lounge, we use the most premium products and techniques to improve your scalp health with essential moisture.
  • At 4:59 barber lounge, we follow different types of latest techniques and reliable products that can strengthen your hair roots so that in the near future you can have healthier as well as stronger hair that matches perfectly with your personality.

2) Deep Cleansing:

  • We offer top-quality deep cleansing services to make sure that you don’t have any impurities in your scalp. Excess oil and impurities in your scalp can clog your hair follicles and that’s why we offer some of the best deep cleansing treatments to detoxify your scalp and promote better hair growth.

3) Scalp Massage:

  • Our scalp massage helps to reduce your stress and improve the blood flow to your scalp. This massage will stimulate hair follicles so that you can have a healthier environment for better hair growth.
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At 4:59 Barberlounge, we believe in one thing: delivering quality haircuts and men’s grooming services for the discerning gentleman looking to stand out from the crowd.