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4:59 Barber Lounge is a salon/spa catering specifically to today's men that have outgrown or outlived their barbershop around the corner and cringe just a little every time they say the words “day spa." We look to preserve the traditional male grooming experience, but with updated hair styling and full-service grooming that includes: certified medical and therapeutic massage, skincare and hand & foot grooming. Many of our competitors focus only on haircutting, but we have a more in-depth, whole body maintenance approach.


Looking, feeling and performing your best... that's what 4:59 is all about.

Haircut $35


Every haircut begins with a consultation followed by a shampoo, conditioning, haircut, rinse and finishing. A hot towel, neck shave, eyebrow trim and styling lesson finish the job.


2 week Haircut $26



Scalp Treatment $15


This treatment improves circulation and promotes a healthy scalp bed.


Moustache and Beard trim $15


A detailed 'stache and beard grooming to return it to its tightest finish.


Touch-up $10


A super-quick clean-up for side burns and the neck between visits when a full haircut with the works is not necessary.


Color Blending $25+


Several options exist to camouflage your gray and roll back the clock. In as little as 10 minutes we can cleverly blend your gray, or we can change your color more permanently given a little more time.

Brow Waxing $15







barberlounge should not be confused with, nor are we affiliated in any way with: The Barber Lounge854 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA

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