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4:59 Barber Lounge is a salon/spa catering specifically to today's men that have outgrown or outlived their barbershop around the corner and cringe just a little every time they say the words “day spa." We look to preserve the traditional male grooming experience, but with updated hair styling and full-service grooming that includes: certified medical and therapeutic massage, skincare and hand & foot grooming. Many of our competitors focus only on haircutting, but we have a more in-depth, whole body maintenance approach.


Looking, feeling and performing your best... that's what 4:59 is all about.

Efficient Skincare Products

With our unique products we carry, utilizing advanced micro-sized drying molecules.

Facial Treatments


4:59 Signature Facial $75

60 minutes This is a one-of-a-kind facial/massage hybrid that combines powerful anti-aging ingredients including collagen, antioxidants and retinol with  massage of the arms, chest, shoulders, face and scalp. The ingredients work together to renew, resurface and purify the skin and attitude.


Face Revitalizer $30


30 minutes No time for a full-service facial? Try this quick and relaxing face 'pick-me-up' as an add-on to your next haircut or shave.



barberlounge should not be confused with, nor are we affiliated in any way with: The Barber Lounge854 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA

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