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4:59 Barber Lounge is a salon/spa catering specifically to today's men that have outgrown or outlived their barbershop around the corner and cringe just a little every time they say the words “day spa." We look to preserve the traditional male grooming experience, but with updated hair styling and full-service grooming that includes:  skincare and hand & foot grooming. Many of our competitors focus only on haircutting, but we have a more in-depth, whole body maintenance approach.


Looking, feeling, and performing your best...

that's what 4:59 is all about.

For the man who has everything and should look like it.


The 4:59 SharpCard* can be loaded with any dollar amount over $10 and then unloaded on any of our grooming products or services. Also, SharpCards can be conveniently re-loaded for your next scheduled maintenance.


*Disclaimer Stuff:

SharpCards cannot be used for gratuities or exchanged for cash. The value of the card will not be replaced if stolen, damaged or lost. Purchase of the card implies acceptance of the terms and conditions.


To order your SHARPCARD by mail or call us at 317.257.4599.




barberlounge should not be confused with, nor are we affiliated in any way with: The Barber Lounge 854 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA

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